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Serverdoc V0.87b is available for download.

ServerDoc Added remote file editing, can also restrict access to single variables in file.
Added *sdautomap* keyword - restart game server on the map that was being played.
Added support for schedule event 99 99 99 99 99 (run on serverdoc startup)
Added user selectable failed query settings to trigger restarting server (# fails etc)
Added auth disable option in wwwconfig.cfg - no user/password prompting
Added option to reduce email crash notifications (better for SMS)
Added optional delay on startup (can be used to allow modem to connect on boot etc)
Added schedule event 98 98 98 98 98 (run on application crash)
Added Query check restarts auto disable if checks fail after server has been restarted twice.
Added Query support for AArmy.
Added Query check restarts auto disable if checks fail after server has been restarted twice.
Added support for BF2 modpath command option.
Added BF2SERVERSETTINGSFILE command in wwwconfig.cfg, selects the .con file to use for BF2
Fixed update problem if serverdoc.exe was in folder path containing space.
Fixed SD pro bug if BF2 server IP was not set in serversettings.con file.
Updated Enemy Territory query support - etded.exe (private server & maxclients enforcement).
Updated pid file
Changed srcds.exe crash detection + added new one

Posted on Friday, September 02 @ 15:21:24 UTC by sanderso


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