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Serverdoc V0.83b

ServerDoc + Added Remote Command line editing (Pro version)
+ Added /SC command option (saves edited command to wwwconfig.cfg)
+ Added LOAD command option (loads command from wwwconfig.cfg)
+ Added "OPEN" button - to show more info
+ Added Server Query - check for frozen servers (port/ip values must be in command line)*
+ Added more hlds crash detection
* Fixed problem with serverdoc not fully closing
* Fixed a remote console bug
* Fixed wwwconfig.cfg bug (saving command line)
* Fixed form post start/stop now working again
NOTE: This is a required update for the "free" version.
To update: extract serverdoc.exe over old copy.

Serverdoc User Guide had been updated.
*Server query is in testing stage - if you wish a game to be added please contact me. Currently support - HLDS.EXE, CODMP.EXE, CODUOMP.EXE, JK2DED.EXE and JAMPDED.EXE. Enable query checks in serverdoc config.

Posted on Monday, December 06 @ 19:42:59 UTC by sanderso


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Re: Serverdoc V0.83b (Score: 1)
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Re: Serverdoc V0.83b (Score: 1)
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Re: Serverdoc V0.83b (Score: 1)
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by Lottie_Reidford2d71 on Tuesday, February 10 @ 15:01:29 UTC
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