Screenshots of new serverdoc.
Date: Saturday, May 28 @ 15:59:12 EDT
Topic: ServerDoc

In both screenshots I am using a .server path, this will make deleting a server and serverdoc config a single press of a button in the upcoming serverdoc master control program. It also makes entering paths to game servers a lot more simple - recommended you install game servers under the config folders.

This screenshot shows the new log window and the server being restarted due to maxclients violation (example: client increased slots over what they ordered so server is shut down and restarted)

In this screenshot serverdoc was disabled. In this mode the file templatedisabled.html will be displayed to remote clients connecting. Remote Start/Stop operations are disabled (local start/stop still works).

This article comes from ServerDoc - Auto Restart crashed servers and programs (game www ftp servers) with remote control panel

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