Serverdoc V0.89b
Date: Friday, February 24 @ 14:00:38 EST
Topic: ServerDoc

Serverdoc V0.89b is now available for download in the download section.
Added BANNEDINPUT filename to wwwconfig.cfg - list of words to be ignored in command line edit.
used when you don't want clients to enter things like +maxplayers on full cmd line edit.

Added Maxclients enforcemt for ucc.exe command line ?maxplayers=
Added Auto add -console to command line if missing.
Added PID display ("Program running (pid)"
Added Serverdoc.log now trimmed to 2000 lines daily.
Added Vietcong2 query support (needs testing)
Added a Halo crash window detection
Added CODUOMP.EXE safe mode fix
Added condition and /page-pagename url.

You can now load different template files and/or use the condition. ie a hyperlink to /page-tem3 will load template-tem3.html (if it does not exist template.html is used) and also the condition blah blah is true.

Added *SDCONFIGNAME* template keyword - replaced with name of config folder.
Help keep track of servers, name config folders something to identify them by - I used mickyxx in this example -

Added *SDCEV-keyword* to editfile, replaced with command line keyword value.
With this you can always edit the correct server.cfg in mod folder, example your command line is
hlds.exe -console -game *SDGameMod=cstrike*
editfile is
editfile servercfg *sdcev-sdgamemod*server.cfg
*sdcev-sdgamemod* is replaced with gamemod setting (ie the correct folder!!)

Added template keyword *SDINCLUDE=filename* - reads and include file into template, ie *SDINCLUDE=c:htmlcstrike.html*
Changed Increased the size limit when remote editing files.
Fixed COD2 Private server enforcement
Fixed path problem for COD1/2 safe mode.

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