Serverdoc V0.81b is out.
Date: Friday, July 30 @ 22:36:03 UTC
Topic: ServerDoc

whats new-
+ -s:-r: options together now work in schedule.txt (save and rotate)
+ Command line auto saves/restores and starts when "hldsupdatetool.exe" is run from rotate file
+ Added *SDUPDATERUNNING* condition for template.html
+ Added cpu affinity - select what CPU(s) the server will use
+ Added auth setting in wwwconfig.cfg
+ Added settings to auto stop servers when a crash loop is detected
+ Systray icon is now updated with current command line
* Fixed remote access config bug (oppps!)
NOTE: This is a required update for the "free" version.
To update: extract serverdoc.exe over old copy.

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