Serverdoc V0.93b
Date: Friday, February 23 @ 13:39:29 EST
Topic: ServerDoc

Serverdoc V0.93b is now available for download in the download section.
Added ability to start on a selected cpu(s) then change over to all cpus. (SDPro)
Fixed 98 98 98 02 xx slave serverdoc prestart in schedule.txt

To upgrade just download the "latest serverdoc.exe" but save the file with filename of "serverdoc.bin" in same folder serverdoc.exe is in. Run SDCONTROL.EXE and select update. This will update your serverdoc without having to close currently running servers. You should only need to do this once per machine if correct directory structure has been followed.

This article comes from ServerDoc - Auto Restart crashed servers and programs (game www ftp servers) with remote control panel

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