Attention Game Hosts!
Date: Monday, January 10 @ 22:50:27 EST
Topic: ServerDoc

Using the new query function, Serverdoc Pro can now enforce maximum players and/or private servers. This will stop adventurous clients who have rcon access from changing things they shouldn't be. If a breach is detected serverdoc simply pro stops the server - might change this to "restart" the server depending on feedback.

These extended features currently for: HLDS.EXE, CODMP.EXE*, CODUOMP.EXE*, MOHAA_SERVER.EXE*, JK2DED.EXE, JAMPDED.EXE and SRCDS.EXE.
*= Private server needs testing (I don't have a private server IPs to test)

If you wish to test these new features in Serverdoc Pro please contact me.

This article comes from ServerDoc - Auto Restart crashed servers and programs (game www ftp servers) with remote control panel

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