Serverdoc V0.84, 21 Feb 2005
Date: Wednesday, February 23 @ 22:35:02 EST
Topic: ServerDoc

+ added template condition (see txt files)
+ added maxclients/private map
+ added (pro) "busy" file templatebusy.html
+ added Cancel option when quitting serverdoc from taskbar
+ added "User *AutoName* *NoPassword*" in wwwconfig.cfg = no user/pass reqd
+ added (pro) new template keyword - *SDIP* (IP addy from wwwconfig.cfg)
+ added SRCDS.EXE, SOF2MP.EXE query checks
+ updated COD/CODUO query checks
* fixed error if wwwconfig.cfg did not exist
* fixed past history search not quite getting full year - FIXED
To update: extract serverdoc.exe over old copy.

Head towards the download section to grab it :)

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