Serverdoc V0.85b (22 April 2005)
Date: Thursday, April 21 @ 23:48:21 EDT
Topic: ServerDoc

Now available in the download section :)
+ Added new "update serverdoc" - now works with multiple instances. Update serverdoc without stopping your servers.
+ Added html template condition -
+ Added Show window to Menu - Easy locate the window serverdoc is running.
+ Added Webserver start up problem no longer displays pop-up box but continues to try and start webserver every 60sec.
+ Added Trayicon now returns if explorer crashes, also shows server stop/running status.
+ Added /restart url - performs a stop and start (remote control)
+ Added SYSTRAY idstring - in wwwconfig.cfg is shown in taskbar icon text (uses: client username/number etc)
+ Added Serverdoc control over Linux servers - back in and working.
+ Added Taskbar icon now warns if Serverdoc will soon expire.
* Fixed network event problem that could lead to remote access to fail.
* Changed number of changes to serverdoc window/icons.
* Changed expired serverdoc pro keys now revert to donation mode for a short time.
* Changed restart delay only effects START in schedule.
* Changed vietcong was being wrongly detected as crashed (may effect other games, contact me).
To update: extract serverdoc.exe over old copy.

This article comes from ServerDoc - Auto Restart crashed servers and programs (game www ftp servers) with remote control panel

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